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As long as I have known you Chris, you have always been in 5th gear 24/7. What’s life like for you now?


My family comes first. One thing that I think everyone would tell you that is in music, would be to try to make sure you keep a balance with your personal life with your work life. Music is my passion and something that I will always do and my family knows this. It’s fun teaching my kids about the music business and watching them when they are backstage at shows (things I could only have dreamed of when I was a kid).


You will also see that Anger Management is expanding into Mexico, Canada and working on some Europe stuff right now. Anger Management will be becoming  an Indie label later this year as well. So… a lot of work ahead. I must say, probably the most enjoyable things that I do are when I get to bring events like Warped Tour to Alaska. After living in Alaska for 20 years, its a dream come true to bring a festival like this to AK. As long as people show their support, things will continue to grow.


How long have you been managing bands and how did you originally get into the business?


I have always wanted to manage bands since I was a kid. I was raised in the music industry my whole life. My dad being a musician, has played with the legendary surf rock group The Fireballs.


I started back in 1996 doing music stuff in Alaska and I have been managing Anger Management for about 6 yeas now.  Anger Management is more than just a management company. We are also promoters and working on a all in one stop for musicians and people wanting to get into the industry. Our website which is being upgraded as I speak will have everything for bands and people getting started in the industry. We will have top notch Engineers, Producers, Video production, Guitar lessons, Guitar players and Drum techs. Anything you might need we will have the ability to do so. This will all be kicking off this summer.


You have played such a huge role in the Alaskan Music Scene. Share your thoughts on where you think it’s going.


I think the best thing about the music scene right now in Alaska are the different genres that are coming out of it now. When we started the Battle to Warped Tour 9 years ago it was just to give bands an opportunity to go play on the Warped Tour in the states. To see what it was like. It’s very hard to be an original band in AK, but you have had bands leave the state and are doing some great things like Portugal the Man, 36 Crazyfist , Divides, and now Noise Brigade. There are a lot of people helping grow the music scene, and doing a great job.


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