When you came out with Sounds of Change, what made you guys change it up with that album.


Dirty J: I like how we always teeter-totter between the reggae rock scene and a little bit out of it. I think it gives us more freedom. I think it throws some fans off a little bit, but I think our sound is more broad and original. To us it was more personable, we were ready. We did Cabin By The Sea and the acoustic album, and that’s where our heads and hearts were at. After two album cycles of some pretty mellow stuff we were ready to do something big. And something dynamic for our live show. We really had our live show in mind. We wanted it to be something spectacular. We don’t want to keep putting out the same album. I rather our fans stay passionate about us whether they are passionate because they love us or passionate because they hate us.


If dirty Heads were a book, what chapter are you guys on and what’s up for the future?


Dirty J: Shit, man. Hopefully we are still coming up to the middle. Not yet at the middle. We’ve been through a lot of bullshit. We’ve had a lot of really, really good times, and a lot of really, really hard times. I think the universe is coming around in our favor and things are going to really pick up. We’ve always been moving up. We’ve always been gaining fans. Our shows have been getting bigger and bigger. We’ve done really well in the states and South America and Canada. We want to be where we are here on a worldwide level.


What were some artists of bands that were on your playlist growing up?


Dirty J: Some life changers for me were Beastie Boys, Far Side, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang. When Wu-Tang came out that’s about all I listened to. It was so original. You knew all the stoner kids loved Kung Fu movies, now you’re gonna sample that? Wu-Tang Clan was all the rave. My parents always listened to Bob Marley and that got me into the reggae stuff. Skating a lot I would listen to a lot of Slayer and Metallica.

I like how we always teeter-totter between the reggae rock scene and a little bit out of it. I think it gives us more freedom.

Dirty J-

Tell me about the writing process.


Dirty J: There’s no set way with us. There are different avenues it could come from. It could come from a melody or lyric I come up with. It could come from a melody or lyric Duddy comes up with. It could come from a guitar part he has. It could come from a beat the producer has. Just anywhere we can draw inspiration from. We call them starts,( Just a lot of little starts). There’s no wrong way for us to write songs.


Have you guys ever been to Alaska?


Dirty J: No, dude! We have talked about it for so long. Because we have played every single state other than Alaska. So it’s the last one and we can officially say we’ve played every single state. It’s gonna be rad.


What can Alaska expect from you guys June 17th? Tell me about the hype you guys bring.


Dirty J: I think Hype is a very good word to use. That is the word I’d use to describe our set. It is very high energy. At the same time we break it down and make it very mellow and enjoyable for the people that are just trying to chill out. We definitely have a dynamic show to where we are going to get loud and turn it up and break it down. Our goal is for everybody to just have the time of their lives. Forget about everything else, good or bad that is going on in their lives and have a blast while we are playing.


What are your expectations for the Alaskan crowd?


Dirty J: No idea. I don’t want to assume. Just gonna treat it like another show and realize we are in another cool place that we’ve never been. If you don’t put an expectation on it and the shows goes really well, then you are even more stoked. I’m not doubting the Alaskan crowd. I have a feeling it’s going to be crazy.


I got one last question. If there was a fight to the death, between The Jonas Brothers and the Hanson brothers, who would win?


Dirty J: Oh, Hanson brothers! Hanson brothers all day. I don’t know why. I have no fucking clue. I think the Hanson brothers would do something dirty. They’d just figure it out. Maybe cause they have long hair and I do to.


Dirty Heads will be hitting the road hard starting in July. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, and check out their website for more information, HERE.