TC: I think it is pretty easy because we are very stretched thin. We tour for month and months at a time and then take a couple months off. So we have more time at once to do the things we want to do. That’s the goal of the band is to be able to pay for rent and put food in your belly and still be able to take 3 months off. The first year it was non stop. It was nine or ten months out of the year. For now it’s nice to get bulk time off and bulk time on tour.

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TDL: ISSUES has a unique sound with the DJ mixed with the metalcore. What kind of influences do members of the band bring to the table?


TC: Everybody comes from different places. I have always been into good songs no matter what genre it comes from. I like country, hip/hop. I grew up listening to a lot of RnB Pop. My favorite singer is Brandi. AJ (Rebollo, guitarist) listens to the heaviest of metal, and then he listens to slow jazz and show tunes. We all have such a wide variety in our playlists. That king of goes into account, but it’s mostly just about good songs.


TDL: If you weren’t performing music, what do you think you would be doing in life?


TC: Well, when I’m not performing I’m writing for other artists.  I have my own company, production company, I’m running. I think that my career whether I have a voice or not will always be involved with music. If music was not like a thing I was ever in to? Than I would probably was going to be a psychologist. I just like to help people. I am into the very therapeutic side of things and I think that comes from music. The depth of lyricism, kind of, goes hand in hand with psychology, for me.


TDL: Have you guys ever been to Alaska?


TC: No. Actually; Alaska and Hawaii, we haven’t been to. We are playing Alaska and then going straight to Hawaii to play. This is kind of a bucket list thing to play in all fifty states.


TDL: What can Alaska expect from ISSUES, when you guys get on stage next month?


TC: They can expect to come and have a good time. We are kind of a “jumpy band”. We like crowd participation. We like when people jump and move. We are a very energetic band, but we are also very entertaining. We let the music kind of take us away. We have a blast at the shows. The more fun the fans have the more fun it is for us. I don’t like seeing people in the front row texting. It is like if I saw you at my party and you weren’t really feeling it. I would be that guy to go out of my way to make sure you have a good time. I’m very hospitable on stage.


Whether the rockstar wave is going to crash and flatten or keep ripping, ISSUES is working hard to show that they are here for the long haul.