Tell Us About Sweet Justice.

I created the Sweet Justice page for the purposes that not everyone is going to be supportive or feel is suitable for all eyes and some of it is risky to the conservative eye. This allows people who support me to follow (then my personal friends and family don’t have to see it). This creates a page to show the kind of work I do and that I am open to other forms of modeling! It’s an art form of a world that I would love to be in. I would like to be known as an ink model that’s not a size zero but genuinely a diverse model that has a positive personality that can be molded into what the artist (photographer) is looking for on a canvas to make their masterpiece!


You are making the steps to become a licensed Tattoo Artist?

I have been on such a bumpy road with my tattoo experience and it has been a challenge as it should be to a certain degree. I had a chance to be thrown into the industry by an ex of mine. I never once thought tattooing would be an industry I would fall into. I was nervous and excited because this was something I was going to do permanently on someone’s body, (that’s a lot of pressure)! It’s rewarding when your canvas is excited not to only have you work on them but for them to be happy with your artwork! Now I am no bad a$$ by far but with the right teachers and support of family and friends encouraging me to keep it up I will only get better with time. I have had two experiences with other artists and were unfortunately not positive ones but I’m still grateful for the opportunity.  I was able to learn from the artist and phenomenal teacher Shane Montie. With the knowledge and patience that Shane possesses he has what it takes to be the “RIGHT” teacher for this industry! I am so fortunate for his time. This month I am on my way to take my test to be an official license tattoo artist. (Since this interview Joelene has passed her test and is well on her way as a tattoo artist)

Having worked many jobs trying to find my passion they call me Joe of all trades! I have never limited my career choices due to experience.
Where do you see yourself going forward?
To have a career that I can enjoy for the rest of my life and make something of myself. This industry can take someone as far as they wish to take themselves and I truly wish I had discovered this world of tattooing a long time of ago but better late then never. I say, I’m only what I make of myself and I can still be taught! Never to old for that lol! The world is full of knowledge! I also work in retail for the Mad Hatter and the experience has only lead me to bigger and better opportunities and has taught me things everyday that will only benefit me. They have become an extended part of my family in a very short time which will only last forever because I won’t be leaving MH! I somehow plan on keeping both professions in my life. They both benefit me and my family. I’m happy with where I am at in life. Even with the challenges. They won’t break me (only make me stronger).