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TDL: Who are some of the major influences in the band member’s lives?


MO: We would say that we couldn’t have even gotten started if it were not for the support of our Manager, Mike, and our loving band mother, who puts up with all of this nonsense. Without their support, our ideas would never come to fruition. Another person who has helped influence us would be Scott Q. Merry, our studio wizard, for helping polish our sound and inspiring us. Some of our musical influences would have to be: Soundgarden, King Crimson, The Beatles, Pantera, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.


TDL: Any plans on touring throughout the US?


MO: Although right now we are kind of tied up in the writing and recording of our second album, after we are finished with our third, we hope to have accrued enough revenue and resources to make that happen.


TDL: Describe Magnum Opus’s Fan Base.


MO: We make a point to appeal to everybody. We think that limiting yourself to a single demographic or genre is not only detrimental to your band, but also to music as a whole. Music is supposed to bring people together, and many people these days have seem to have forgotten that. We try our best to make music that is pleasant to the ear, and has something in it that everybody can enjoy, with a lighter message.


We definitely know that Garret has a Batman bromance…


TDL: A few of you seem to be well traveled. How does this play into the dynamic of your band currently?


MO: Every member of the band has traveled at least minimally, some much more than others, but it definitely does affect the way the band thinks and reacts to certain circumstances. Everybody is well aware of what traveling entails, and is completely willing and able to go where the music takes them.


TDL: And Lastly…. Any of you guys have a favorite super hero?


MO: We definitely know that Garret has a Batman bromance, Ayden and Wade prefer Spiderman, Ryan likes The Incredible Hulk, and Ben is an avid Superman fan.


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