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The lineup this year for Alaska is cool. It’s eclectic, as Warped Tour is always. Kind of like no matter who you are you will find bands that you are fans of and hopefully find something new. For all those reasons, I feel that Warped Tour has been able to last and will continue for a long time.


It’s been 19 years for us and we have never played Alaska. So we now have played all 50 states and thanks to Warped Tour we are coming up in June and not January. I’m from Florida so I won’t die. I love the idea that our band continues to play places that we’ve never played before. I am a little ashamed to say that we’ve never played Alaska before, but who knows this could be the start of something great.


You said we were your soundtrack to high school, well Helmet was definitely mine.

Cyrus Bolooki

The newest music video, One More Round, came out a couple months ago. Tell me a little bit about making it. It looked like it was a blast to be a part of.


CB: So One More Round, it’s funny, because when we went to go do this video. There is something completely different about the music industry than there was 15 years ago when we first started. The music video deliver is different now. 15 years ago there was MTV and it was trying to get your music video on MTV. And because of that there was a lot of standards and censorship and you had to play it safe. Now a days that’s all thrown out the window because most of the people watch the videos on You Tube or just on the internet. That means you can pretty much do whatever you want. So we just went and took the idea of One More Round and pretended it was a video we wanted to make 15 years ago, but we couldn’t. It’s about getting hit and knocked down and persevering and pushing on.


So we wanted to use fake blood, well lets use A LOT of fake blood. You know what, if we are going to use fake blood that is red lets make the video as white as possible, so you see as much of that fake blood as possible. That’s where we got Lloyd Kaufman involved. He’s the founder of Troma Films and they are known for their B Horror movies and specialize in their visual effect with use of fake blood. So it was about trying to be as grotesque with the fake blood as possible because we know we can do that now days.


I think it came out well. We had so much fun doing that video. I can tell you this; some of the stains from the fake blood on my skin didn’t come out for days. I had to fly out the next day with my skin that was stained red and dirty bloody clothes in my bag from the blood. I’m kind of lucky I made it through airport security.


What are your plans for the rest of the year?


CB: We actually have a pretty quiet summer and that usually never happens. We are doing the Alaska show and July we are performing and will be on the Alternative Press Music Awards. We don’t do anything until we go to Europe for some festivals in mid August. We just announced a fall tour with Yellowcard in the US. Great band. I think they played Alaska last year, if I’m not mistaken. It’s awesome to play with them. We’ve been on Warped Tour with them before and we finally get to do a co-headlining tour with them. We don’t have any plans to come to Alaska, but that’d be cool to make happen sometime soon.


2016, we are starting to book stuff. Our record came out last October. We usually go about 18 months before we even think about if it’s time to begin to write a new album.


Bringing up the newest album, it kind of has a new feel. What were you guys trying to bring with the album.


CB: Well, obviously we had some changes happen in our band about a year ago before we went in to writing Resurrection. Rather than trying to hide behind what was happening and the fact that we had one guitar player instead of two at the time. We just tried to look into that and see what we could take out of that. We really wanted to make the guitar riff based. In the past we would’ve written a guitar rhythm and put a lead on top of that, we thought we could just get by with the one guitar. We can still make music that is powerful with just that one guitar. There are bands out there like Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, all across the spectrum that do this with one guitar player. I think that’s where a lot of the sound came from because I think it is a tighter sound. Still sounds like New Found Glory because there are a lot of the guitar riffs. Obviously Jordan’s voice is Jordan’s voice. I think you can also tell that the four of us were a really solid unit going into writing this record. We spent time together writing this record. We demoed a lot of these songs together in Chad’s house in his living room. By the time we went to record Resurrection we pretty much had the record done. It was very easy. We just focused on finishing it. The end product for us is we love it. It really seems to mesh with our other songs.


What are some current bands that you’d recommend?


CB: It’s not a surprise, but since we are touring with Yellowcard it had me go back and revisit their records. Their new record, Lift A Sail just happens to come out on the same day as Resurrection. That record is pretty awesome. The new Used record just came out the other day. I’m a huge fan of them. I sometimes go back to old school. I literally went back years, the other day and listened to Silver Chair. That is the band that got me wanting to be in a band. They were kids my age, alternative music. Jamming and playing music that sounded like Pearl Jam. I listen to just about anything. There is a band called Dinosaur Pile Up. They haven’t put out anything for years, but they are really, really good. I always go back and jam their record.


Looking at the lineup for the Alaska Warped show is cool too. Because you got newer bands and older bands. You got Helmet. I grew up on that band. I listened to them in high school. You said we were your soundtrack to high school, well Helmet was definitely mine. Motion City [Soundtrack], The Wonder Years, great bands we’ve toured with.


New Found Glory is going to be tearing up the Main Stage Wednesday. Be there, ready to hear their older stuff and get familiar with their new album by checking out their music video for One More Round here. Follow up with them on their FaceBook and Twitter page.