What shows are coming up for the band?


Michael: If I told you, we’d be arrested.


Ronnie: ‘laughs’ we got a few shows coming up. We’re really trying to do a AK tour, go to Fairbanks, Seward and what not. Everyone will be the first to know though cause we don’t even know most of the time haha


Are there any plans for Not Safe to travel throughout the U.S on tour?


Matt: Eventually yes. At this point we’re just focusing on writing more material and playing shows locally, hopefully next year though.


Michael: I can’t be trusted with maps; we’d end up like those dudes in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Except the event would be me eating something like gas station food and having to murder the nearest set of crappers.


Are there any new projects on the horizon for you guys?


Ronnie: Well, we still have a full-length album being held hostage due to money issues. But for now I think we all just wanna enjoy the chaos we make and see where it takes us.


Michael: Probably a sacrifice to our Dark Lord Chin-Chin


What are your thoughts on Alaska’s music scene and is it diverse enough?


Ronnie: Music wise? Its not diverse, it tries to be but its honestly just politics. I feel its just filled with gangs and with each gang is one genre. If you don’t have one of those you’re screwed. The punk scene is really the only “scene” that’s diverse thanks to Ryan. As far as people go, there’s a lot of shit starters and talkers. We have friends in the scene but everyone just wants to argue. Like… we’ve defended music itself before and our friends but we have never gotten so involved to the point where it goes viral like Rebecca Black.. haha!


Michael: I like trains, that’s what I think.


Lastly…. If each of you could be a super hero, who would it be?


Matt: Spiderman……you heard me

Ronnie: I would want to be Punisher, for sure.

Michael: Probably the Ginger from Harry Potter.