How many miles do you think you’ve traveled?



There were times when I kept track of it but not anymore. Imagine yourself moving through all of the biggest cities on the American continent (except Canada + Alaska), Europe and some parts of Asia on a shoestring in a period of almost 6 years.


If you noticed one thing in common with most of humanity what is it?


Well that’s basically the idea of the whole project, bringing us closer to each other. From a broader view we are just another species. Imagine you are a geese flying over vast landscapes and while watching over the human layer on the ground, what would you think of us? We all eat, sleep, shit, love and hate but yet we still keep creating these hierarchies and systems bringing inequality and fortifications between each other. Personally I like to think of onions of different colors, sizes and tastes but with the same core covered up in different layers of how we were raised. I feel somehow that the types of people I meet keep on repeating in different cultures and on different places. Maybe it’s just the language and traditions you need to decode in order to get to the core. I believe this core is mostly positive in all of us, filled with curiosity and love towards each other. At least this is how I was treated the most of the time during my travels.



Do you have any sponsors or are you looking for any? 



I never had any sponsors for my journey and basically used up all my money I made during my studies. I believe traveling is not that much about your finances but how stubborn you are. Throughout the years I learned how to travel in a very efficient way, basically just spending on food, sometimes on transportation and the pathetic visa fees. I received countless help from people who would leave me put up my tent near their homes or even sleep in their houses, people who would give me a ride in their vehicles,share their food etc. I guess somehow PEOPLEIMEET is this big thank you for all the good I received on my way. Since I wanted to save up for a real camera, a phone, flight tickets to visit my parents finally after 5 years and some food money for the rest of the journey so I began to work in China for a while. There are some people who encourage me through messages to initiate some kind of a crowdfunding but I feel it would be unfair to the people whom I actually photograph, because it’s them who share their stories.


How well have you been able to live and absorb so many cultures?



Coming from different nationalities I guess I never felt much of patriotism towards any specific land. I was always a big fan of other cultures. I haven’t lived continuously in one place for more than a year in the past 15 years. Speaking six languages I always enjoy breaking their barriers … the only problem is that at the end all languages mix up together and my grammar skills in these languages became poor.



 His own words on our “very existence.”



I like to exaggerate a bit but having seen some places I believe everything is well linked. We are being distracted by many little details and maybe the path of humanity as a whole is nor bad nor good, which would mean everything is under control and we are meant to follow this one life-style of the masses which is propagated worldwide to benefit a certain group of people, but I am sure that if we love fresh air, want to drink clean water, eat tasty food, have healthy kids in the future, or just simply trust each other, something must be changed about our priorities. I believe it’s simple, and when the will is present in all of us we can realize many things by ourselves individually. It has a lot to do with the ability of thinking freely, devotion, our conscience and education. If the majority of us on this planet could agree on priorities that could secure our very existence in the future, then the first step is unity. And in order to unite, we should know more about each other.