PT: The mesh of influences does make us stand out when we play I think. Also, when we perform live we have a DJ. Blend (our DJ) adds an extra level of uniqueness to everything we perform I think. It can be a blessing and a curse because we don’t really fit in anywhere in the reggae or hip-hop scene & shows but it seems that people appreciate hearing something a little bit different.


TDL: Tell me a little about the writing process.


PT: Its always a different process depending on who I’m working with but the one constant is that I always like to take whatever idea or track I’m working on and loop it for hours & hours in my home studio. I like to construct the lyrics & melodies by myself in my own environment. I will come back to the lyrics and melodies over and over again if needed for weeks or sometimes it will just take a day or two. I’m not usually the guy who makes it up on the spot and lays it down in the studio the same day. I admire people who can do that. 


TDL: This will be your 3rd time to Alaska right?   Have you gotten to get out and check stuff out when you’ve been up here? If so, what is your favorite part?


PT: I know its been more than 3…I’ve lost count. Chris Cardenas/Anger MGMT. first brought me up here when I was in a different project somewhere around 2007. We’ve stayed close friends over the years and he is still my “Alaskan connection” and the reason I’m at Warped this year. Those first couple trips were a blur but now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I try and always go see some of the wildlife when I’m here. Last time we were here, we played shows throughout the whole state & ended the tour in Homer. That was a great trip. Made a lot of new friends (drank a day away with Capt. John Hillstrand from deadliest catch) at the salty dog in Homer and got to see most of the state for the first time. It really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.


TDL: For the people that haven’t seen you what can they expect from your set at Warped Tour on June 17th.


PT: I will have 1/2 the band with me for this years Warped Show. So it will be myself, Sherm on guitar & Blend. When it’s just the 3 of us, we tend to lean more towards some of the electronic & hip-hop stuff with the MPC and less on the acoustic guitar vibed stuff.


TDL: What are your expectations for the Alaskan crowd?


PT: Expecting them to be as they always are: ready to party & genuine.


I have no doubt that Alaska will be bringing it hard come June 17th. Be sure to get your tickets by going to or hitting up a street team member in your local city.


With over 30 total bands on 4 stages, this is going to be a show that will be going down in music history for Alaska. Get your tickets to check out Pilot Touhill as well as the rest of the acts.


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