I was invited by Theresa Collins to attend their “first of many events”, St POTrick’s Day this past Saturday, March 21st.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  Personally, the jobs that I have had in the past have kept me from “partaking” any form of weed and the last time I took a hit was years ago.  I spent a good three hours at the event and was offered many times to partake but I wanted to get some clean photos and ask some intelligent questions.  I forgot about contact high.  I walked out a little happier and more intrigued by the recent legislative changes in our great state.

 Member | Jesse
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In Front | VIP Room

Being a little skeptical due to recent events in Anchorage, I strode into the entrance of Pot Luck Events and was immediately greeted by a friendly but professional security guard.  Those who wish to attend the events are required to sign up for a membership.  Alaskan residents are provided with a reasonable $20 a month membership with a yearly membership of $200.  There are Green and Purple VIP memberships as well that give the member access to their VIP room and discounts on future events.  On the membership form it states, “Club members are NOT allowed to buy or sell marijuana at any event held by Pot Luck Events…” and “rule 7”, states, “This is a sharing event. You can share and you may have marijuana products shared with you…” Everyone was very friendly and offered to share often.


A dark wood bar with mirror paneled backing offered non alcoholic beverages and snacks. The volunteers were wearing black shirts with the Pot Luck Event’s logo and some of the waitresses were wearing very sexy but tasteful barmaid skirts.  Wood paneled walls surrounded light brown comfort chairs and classy cocktail tables. I used to hold finance meetings in settings like this. I never pictured myself getting high one.  I was very surprised.

Live Mix

VIP Room

The stage is large enough to hold any act and the dance floor held the 60 plus members that showed up with ease.  Before I wandered over to the VIP room I headed over to the restrooms.  Each restroom has a “check yourself out” entrance that is all mirror paneled for the member’s pleasure.


After checking myself out, I walked over to the VIP room.  Black leather chairs, wood paneled walls and a beautiful hookah ready to be used.  “J” a local chef down town, gave TDL permission to take his picture and chat with him a bit.  He expressed that it was really nice to have a respectable establishment to go to after work and put his feet up. I put my feet up as well and grabbed a THC free Cannabis drink provided by one of the many third party vendors there that night.

Free Samples

Member | “J”

Coming from a guy who hasn’t smoked in years I was able to take a look at this event through clear eyes (sort of) and I can truly say that these four business women with the help of their legal team have approached the elephant in the state with caution and class.


Jesse Busick is the Publisher and Owner of TDL. Contact him here.

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