So I called them all up, and the general consensus among us was that we weren’t satisfied with what we were doing musically at that moment, be it a sort of stagnation and not doing anything with it or just musical direction. We got together in that garage for the first time, and we just put our heads down and kept playing. We would meet up at my apartment and expand the basic skeletons of songs I brought in and put our own stamp on it. This sort of cohesiveness in the group actually made the therapeutic elements of it even better because it was the first time I had been involved in a musical project that was so pure, and the chemistry between the four of us was and still is absolutely incredible. We’re just 4 best friends with day jobs that have a lot of things to express. I feel truly grateful for the group I am in, and we are all thrilled at the friends we have made playing this music.


Where did you guys get your first break and are there any plans for the road?

Well our first show was at the ACW and absolutely last minute as we were filling in for a band that had dropped. We have played at the Taproot, ACW, a few house shows, Avanti, the Out North Theater, and a couple more that I’m probably forgetting.


Well I suppose I’ll let a couple details out now, but the full details will come out closer to the time we do this. We’re preparing for a small trek this summer at the end of July through mid august. In my previous project I met a touring band from Washington that we are going to be doing a house show with, along with a band who’s music I discovered through social media. Currently I am talking to the manager of a venue in Fort Worth named 1919 Hemphill, which is this super rad little art warehouse that has all kinds of awesome local shows. It’s basically the southern answer to 924 Gilman. We will be doing all this DIY and out of our own pockets, travelling in a 15 passenger ford van that a lot of people we have played shows with have seen by now. I apologize for being so vague but I promised not to say much about this until the departure date gets closer. Just stay tuned, friends.


right now our minds are set on just playing every single place we can, recording the LP and touring this summer. We are a band that embraces the DIY ethics of plenty other bands and we are in this for the long haul. We’re going to work and make sure that everything we do, from shows to tours to recordings, gets bigger and better every time. Success has nothing to do with the money (although that’s always nice). It has to do with getting out and accomplishing what you want to do with your art.

TL 03

You don’t have to be a virtuoso to be a successful musician, you just have to work and do it from your heart. The results will come naturally to you. That is what we believe. 


Lyrics To “Wolves”. This song is a crowd favorite and is currently being recorded in the studio.  You don’t want to miss this band. You will not have to ask where they are playing, you’ll hear them before you see them.  The ghostly echo of feedback is fast becoming there intro trademark. Like a voice from the forest, the chilling distortion goes on for about 30 seconds calling all in earshot to the ceremony that is about to begin. Tamerlane Facebook.



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