Guitarist Joel Pastuszak


TDL: Who do you think is one of the biggest up and coming bands on the metal scene?


DM: There are a lot of band exploding right now. That’s a hard question. Our friends Beartooth are destroying everything they touch right now. On some regional stuff, we were playing some house shows with Beartooth and we got to play with this band called Church Tongue. They are from Indiana. I don’t know if anyone saw the video we played but some guy lit himself on fire while he was playing guitar. That was the band Church Tongue. We actually saw that happen. We started hearing them playing, while we were outside. We were like “whoa, what is this?” We went in and watched them play, and it sounded amazing. The last portion of their last song, the last 15 seconds, it’s just this down beat heavy part and the singer lit the guitar player on fire. The guitar player just played through the rest of the song. When it was done just through his guitar off and his shirt was burning, it was insane. That mixed with they were just such a good band, I went up to them and we just start talking and shit. We started going to their shows and hanging out. They actually just got picked up from management and our label. As a result of them just being a great band and amazing dudes, and the fact that the dude lit himself on fire.


TDL: Have you ever been to Alaska?  Are you going to be able to get out and check some of what it has to offer?


DM: No, man. We are beyond excited to come up to Alaska. It’s something that we’ve been talking about forever. It’s just one of those things, some kid was at Warped Tour and said “come to Alaska I live in Alaska”. I said cool get a promoter to contact me and we will go to Alaska. I gave the kid my email and I got contacted by a promoter. It took about a year to figure out a good time. Yea, we are beyond excited, and I hear the weekend we are coming is a good time to come up, it’s just super Alaska.


TDL: What can Alaska expect from Vanna on May 15th and 16th?


DM: We just got off a 2 month tour. We’ve been playing music for 52 days straight. Now we are all home to 10 days and are going to head out to Alaska. We are going to be super rehearsed. We are on fire with our music. We will be home with our wives and family for about 2 weeks and its beautiful here in New England. We are going to be coming to Alaska with the best possible mind set and musical mind set. I don’t even know what’s going to happen. I have goose bumps right now just thinking about it. We are bringing a big set, we are going to have a solid hour. We are bring a bunch of murch. We are bring outselves to meet as many people as we possible can and share a couple night with.


I’m really excited about the venues. I heard the first night is a smaller venue. Which I’m really excited for. I want to sell that out and have kids just go absolutely insane.


Spread this word to your fellow Alaskans. When we are there, if you have work or school or anything, just cancel it. Just don’t do it. We have to treat every place like we may never be back. We play every show like it’s going to be the last show ever. We may never get the possibility again, so we leave it all the way up at that particular moment. I just want to stress if you guys have any plans just don’t do it. Just come to the show. I don’t want to leave Alaska and see comments all over the internet saying “Aw, I had work!” or “I couldn’t get in.” I just want to see everyone at the show.


TDL: What are your expectations for the Alaskan crowd when you come up?


DM: I want to see a bunch of kids so excited because they made this band in front of them come here. It’s not because of us; it’s because of them. Literally, physically taking my email down. I want them to be proud they are apart of bring bands to Alaska. It’s not a band saying hey you’re welcome, we are saying thank you. They chose for this to happen. It’s their night they created. I want them to enjoy that night to the fullest. 5 dudes from Boston coming to Alaska, which is totally incredible. I’ve met kids from Alaska at Warped Tour and Metalfest and I know these kids are wild.


I want that and I also want need to get on a boat or a car and site see as much as possible. I just want to see as much of your state as possible because it is a beautiful place. I am too excited!


I guaranteed him that Alaska would not let them down. Listening to him talk about what Alaska can expect from Vanna gave me chills.  This is going to be a show that is you should not miss. I think great things come from when a band is more excited than the fans.


Davey portrayed a very modest band member, but also expressed how they give it their all during their shows and they do not disappoint.


Check out Vanna on May 15th at Anchorage Community Works and May 16th at Chilkoot Charlie’s.


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